Aquaponic Potting Shed – Spring ’10


Spring Construction Progress

This post details ongoing progress on our little greenhouse / potting shed project. You can see the previous post here.

I found a pair of matching sliding glass doors at the local Habitat store that were missing their frames. 4 identical double paned glass panels for a total of $40. Sweet. I flashed them inside and out to keep them from leaking from the outside, or rotting their sills from the inside from condensation.


I got some used 4 inch styrofoam insulation off craigslist and used to to insulate the back and side walls. I’ll seal these in with expanding foam, then install another layer of sheathing on the inside.


On a side note, to cut the foam I gutted a $0.25 hair dryer from a thrift store and made a temporary adjustable hot wire. It’s not pretty, but it worked perfectly!


Siding and roofing complete, trim going on.


More to come!

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