Aquaponic Potting Shed – Planning


Planning a little potting shed for an aquaponics system.

I learned about aquaponics a couple of years ago and I have been itching to try it out since. I decided I would want it to produce fish and veggies year round, but I didn’t want to pay for a lot of heat or light. I saw a little solar shed while poking around online for a little greenhouse and it seemed like the perfect solution.

I plan to fully insulate the shed, and I hope the tanks of water will provide enough thermal mass to minimize the need for heat and cooling.

120 square feet was the maximum allowed by my city ordinances without a foundation, permits, inspections, and fees, and fees, and fees, so I designed around a 10’x12′ footprint.

I know I can get sliding glass door panels fairly cheaply, so I’ll plan for four of those.

I started by making a 3d model to make it easy to tweak my plans and to have someone double check my framing.


I decided that if I was going to go to the trouble to hand build this thing, I would want the option of taking it with me if we ever move. So I over-engineered it to make sure it would take a move and many years of wear without any trouble. It will probably cost a few hundred extra dollars and weight a few hundred extra pounds, but I want to be good and solid.

Shed3_Wall Section

I think I have figured out how to get a fish tank and grow beds in there comfortably, as well as some hanging tomato and cucumber plants. All with space for a little bistro table and potting workstation along the back.




So that’s the plan! We’ll see when or if I get around to building it!

Update: I got around to it!

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